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Bakery Flavored E-liquids | A Complete Explanation & Suggestions

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bakery flavored e-liquid

Bakery flavored e-liquids:  Your favorite bakery treat in the form of satisfying vape clouds

From creams to fruit to dessert to bakery flavored e-liquids, the flavor choices are numerous. Finding the perfect flavor is a greater challenge. While there are many resources detailing the key flavor features of fruit and dessert e-juice flavors, we felt it was time that we paid homage to the delectable bakery flavored e-liquids many others shove into the dessert category.

Why Bakery Flavors Need A Separate Category

In practice there is a difference between a dessert and treats you pick up at a bakery that aren’t desserts. For example, donuts and muffins are bakery stables and are not classified as desserts. That is why we decided to explain the unique qualities of bakery flavored e-liquids.

glazed donut e-liquid

The Delicious Details

Bakery inspired juices are created to replicate that irresistible bakery flavor and experience. Just like taking a heavenly bite into your favorite treat, bakery e-liquid inhales are sweet and rich. The key to a great bakery flavored e-liquid is the success in mimicking the flavor exactly. With fruit flavored e-liquids, it is easy to give it a pass when it tastes something like a strawberry jolly rancher, but with pastry favorites it’s a whole other ball game. With bakery favorites such as donuts, chocolate chip cookies and other delights, you can go very wrong if it doesn’t taste exactly as you are expecting.

LOADED Got it Right

Many have attempted, but only few have succeeded. We are proud to be a part of the few. Loaded has been able to perfectly replicate bakery favorites such as Glazed Donut, Strawberry Jelly Donut and Cookie Butter! Unlike many other brands, the flavor is consistent across every MG level. Also, Loaded’s mixologists have concocted the perfect freshly baked experience and put it in a Loaded bottle for all to enjoy. You can get yours here and check out our other flavors !

Creamy Smooth Cookie Butter Loaded E-Juice
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